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  • The 3 Stages of Customer Experience

    Contrary to popular belief, customer experience isn’t a destination, but rather a journey. While every company must follow its own path to meet the specific needs of their customers, there are common stages that it will travel through on their way to success.

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  • 37signals Buys Campfire iPhone App Rather Than Make Their Own

    37signals (news, site) make the popular Campfire Web-based collaboration tool. Rather than develop their own iPhone app, they just went and brought one, Not Reinventing the Wheel With ever larger numbers of users keeping in touch via enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools, it's no surprise to see large

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  • 37signals Launches Highrise CRM, Big Deal?

    Venerable Enterprise 2.0 software vendor 37signals -- makers of Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboards, and the Ruby on Rails framework -- has just opened the front door for their much anticipated CRM'ish offering. Highrise marks a new era of simple CRM for the 2.

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  • 37signals Sends Latest Ripple with Hosted CRM

    The makers of the much loved Web 2.0 Project Management Tool, Basecamp, have announced a new CRM-like application service, dubbed Highrise. Their latest application is targeted at their loyal customer base of small/medium enterprises (SME's).

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  • What are Amazon and 37Signals Cooking?

    "Nothing!"..if you are to believe statements made by both companies, following Bezos Expedition's, a personal investment company of Jeff Bezos, investment in the Chicago-based startup. 37signals created Ruby on Rails (RoR). Amazon is branching into hosted data and services.

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