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  • Vimeo's Redesign Responds to Privacy, Copyright Concerns

    In the last year or so, Vimeo, the video sharing site, has reached 50 million users worldwide up from 30 million a year ago. In fact, it’s fairly common to have video links across social networks redirect to Vimeo.

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  • YouTube Introduces Creative Commons Licensing in Videos, Cloud-Based Editor

    Licensing content can be a headache, especially for authors and developers who wish to use other persons' or groups' work in their own. While photo-sharing sites have long since advocated the use of Creative Commons licenses, the concept is gaining ground in videos, and YouTube (news, site )

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  • Online Textbooks Lighten Students' Load

    Because many textbooks are becoming available for download online, there's very little need to own the expensive, behemoth, hardbound textbooks anymore -- subsequently, reducing the need to schlep them around. A company called Connexions takes this approach many steps farther by not only publishing free textbooks, but also by allowing

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  • Knowledge Tree 'Open Sources' More Than Just Code

    The idea of "open sourcing" a company's intellectual property has traditionally been applied to the source code that makes up a particular application. Yet in a surprising move, Knowledge Tree - which already offers its document management system under an open source license - is releasing all of its documentation,

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  • Creative Commons v3 Protects Your Inner Genius

    When a large corporate body and a suburban teen can use the same platform to air a great idea or persuasive stream of thought, what protects one or the other from negligence of source citation or outright content theft? It's harder to track information back to its origins when the

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