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  • How to Deal With IoT Security Threats

    How to Deal With IoT Security Threats

    Depending on who you listen to, the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach either 26 billion or over 200 billion devices by 2020. Estimates of market size cover a similar spectrum, with experts predicting IoT will become a $1.9 trillion (Gartner), $7.1 trillion (IDC) or $19 trillion (Cisco) market by

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  • Gartner Names 4 Leaders in Enterprise Mobility Management MQ

    Gartner Names 4 Leaders in Enterprise Mobility Management MQ

    This is the fourth year Gartner has published a Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suites, yet the analysts who wrote the report — Rob Smith, Bryan Taylor, Manjunath Bhat, Chris Silva, Terrence Cosgrove — shared an interesting observation: they still get inquiry calls about MDM (mobile device management)

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  • Why You Need A Sound Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    Why You Need A Sound Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    There are many benefits from a mobile workforce — from greater flexibility and improved information sharing to increased productivity. But on-the-go workforces also create new challenges.

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  • Google Unveils New Android for Work Incentives

    Google is dressing up its little green robot with a freshly pressed suit and briefcase. The company is trying to entice users for its Android for Work initiative with an interesting offer: a Nexus 5X smartphone to the first 3,000 businesses that deploy enterprise mobility management (EMM) services and integrate

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  • AirWatch Aims to Help IT Straddle a Fine Mobility Line

    If you thought big data was hot in the enterprise, mobility may be even hotter. After all, who among us hasn’t done work from our mobile phones, tablets, watches … you name it. But mobility isn’t about a single device.

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  • BlackBerry's Good Technology Buy

    Ask your fifth grader what a BlackBerry is and he’ll probably point you to fruit that grows on a bush.

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  • Shift Happens: VMware Targets End User Computing

    Shift Happens: VMware Targets End User Computing

    Mobile is the new user endpoint, whether we’re talking about accessing applications via desktop, tablet, phone, watch or other device. “Mobile will be the remote control of our lives,” said Sanjay Poonen, general manager of End User Computing (EUC) at VMware during his keynote at VMworld in San Francisco

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  • IBM Buys Fiberlink to Secure BYOD Strategies

    IBM is aggressively expanding its mobile management capabilities with the announcement last night that it is buying Fiberlink Communications. The acquisition will enable it offer clients the ability to develop secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies through IBM’s MobileFirst applications.

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  • How to Succeed at Email Management if You're a Midsized Organization

    All companies share a concern in reducing the cost and risk of unmanaged email. While the general approach I’m recommending works for large organizations, midsized organizations -- with terabytes or tens of terabytes rather than hundreds of terabytes of email to manage -- are a different animal.

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