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    So a Careless Employee Walks Into a Bar ...

    Put down the eggnog (and any other beverage prone to disrupt your attention, memory and sense of responsibility). Your company IT administrator will thank you in the morning. According to a new survey from Lexington, Mass.-based Ipswitch, a provider of software tools for IT teams, more than half of

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    4 Ways to Give Your IT Department More Love

    When IT departments don’t meet their operational targets, new research just released by Lexington, Mass.-based IT services company Ipswitch found that it’s because they’re not receiving the human and financial resources necessary to do their increasingly complex and difficult jobs.

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    News You Can Use: Rocket Fuel, Jive, More

    The latest in customer journey, marketing, acquisitions, integrations, collaboration and surveys from El Dorado State, Gibraltar of the North, Arizona's Urban Heart and the Cleve, the Land of Chocolates and Cuckoo Clocks and the Birthplace of American Liberty. MAPP-ing Marketing Transparency For any company with marketing practices that would make

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    My Vacation Was Electrifying, But Not Very Relaxing

    If you wake up on vacation with a computer in your bed, it's not really a vacation. But more than half of employed Americans arguably don't understand that.

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