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  • Marketing Budgets Rise, CMO Tenure Falls

    Two studies from IDC's marketing group provided mixed messages for CMOs. First, the good news. A survey of 101 large technology companies showed that they expect to increase their marketing budgets by 3.5 percent this year, nearly matching the 3.7 percent growth they expect in sales.

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  • Discussion Point Will the CMO Replace the CIO

    Discussion Point: Will the CMO Replace the CIO?

    You've heard it at technology conferences, you've read it in research reports, maybe you've even shared it at the water cooler. CMOs drive technology decisions today. The CIO's job is obsolete. Soon we won't need CIOs. It's not a new debate.

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  • As Marketing Technology Grows So Does the CMOs Status

    As Marketing Technology Grows, So Does the CMO's Status

    The age of the customer may also turn out to be the age of the chief marketing officer (CMO). Marketers with strong business skills are in demand, earning more money and developing closer ties to CEOs, according to management experts interviewed by CMSWire.

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