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    Marketers: Dust Off Those Personas and Use Them

    When was the last time you saw your company’s personas, let alone used them in a marketing campaign? Would you even know where to find them if you looked?  All too often, personas are created as part of a box-ticking exercise that, once completed, end up stored as a PDF

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    Why Personas Matter in B2B Customer Journey Mapping

    Do we really have to spend so much time defining customer personas? The question came up during a recent customer journey mapping workshop with a B2B organization. Some considered the amount of time spent defining one customer persona excessive.

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    The Elements of a Strategic Marketing Program

    Marketing in a startup is challenging.  You start with no brand awareness, no resources and little to no budget. In some cases, your startup is breaking new ground and faced with trying to establish a new market or product category.  Too many startups fail to have a strategic plan.

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