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  • a face in the crowd

    Personalization Isn't the Goal, Conversion Is

    All marketers want to evoke action from their target audience. We try, in our digital marketing and advertising, to deliver relevant content that causes our audiences to act.  A lack of conversion often corresponds to a lack of relevant content.

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  • gull on the trashcan

    Refine Your Personalization Efforts by Ditching Tech-First Tendencies

    When I ask organizations about their marketing roadmaps, they often stress the need for personalization capabilities in digital experience delivery as one of their top organizational objectives. The problem with this focus, however, is that implementing personalization capabilities is not an end in itself.

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  • jump

    Bridging the Gap Between Data Analytics and Personalization

    Marketing leaders are searching for — and failing to find — customer experience strategies to effectively apply data and analytics. They're looking to data to help improve customer journeys and deliver more valuable (and profitable) experiences through personalization. This is true across industries.

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