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  • The Promises the Challenges of Real Time

    The Promises, the Challenges of Real Time

    Let’s unpack how a customer experience actually looks and feels in real time. The Promise Personalized Service The more customer communications move online, the more data is created -- it currently adds up to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. This is a huge opportunity because we no longer

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  • Real Time Marketing The Customer Decides CXMChat

    Real Time Marketing: The Customer Decides #CXMChat

    These were just a few of the conclusions drawn from last week's real time marketing Tweet Jam.

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  • Data Driven Marketing Demands a Fundamental Shift

    We are in the midst of an industry wide transition period, moving away from data driven decision making and towards data driven decisioning. And while the semantic difference seems subtle, it's changing the game -- and creating incredible forward momentum -- for virtually every marketer and big brand.

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  • Weve Got it Wrong The Funnel Lead Scoring Conversions and More

    We've Got it Wrong: The Funnel, Lead Scoring, Conversions and More

    That’s what happens frequently in modern day organizations -- we decide on building a strategy around real time marketing, but most of the time it just takes too much effort to manage proper adoption and the results don’t seem as revolutionary as we anticipated.

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  • One Size Does Not Fit All for Real Time Customer Engagement

    The days of blanketing large groups of customers with messaging are gone. There is no one size fits all for customers, but faced with pressure to produce higher return on diminishing budgets, the customer engagement dilemma becomes more difficult for advertisers by the day.

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  • If You Want Real Time Marketing ROI, Know Your Buyer

    Everyone -- especially technology vendors -- agrees that personalized, contextually relevant marketing is the most effective way to attract, engage and convert buyers. Do it right and you’ll break through the noise and spur your buyer into action. Excel and you’ll build a positive, persistent relationship with your customers.

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  • Why a Unified Database is the First Step to Real Time Marketing

    Imagine a customer interacting with your mobile app on a smartphone. She completes tasks and unlocks a rewards discount. The next day, sitting at her home desktop, she visits your website, and, voila! -- her rewards points display along with the discount offering.

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  • CMSWire Tweet Jam: Real Time Marketing #CXMChat

    Let's face it, people are impatient. They expect companies to deliver what they want when they want it.

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  • Build Partnerships to Reach 'Markets of One'

    In this digital age, customers, citizens and employees all expect to be treated as individuals. They expect highly personalized experiences tailored to their unique needs and powered by systems of engagement that know who they are and how they want information delivered to them.

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  • Predictive Analytics Helps Marketers Get Personal

    It wasn’t too long ago that it was considered novel to use web analytics to determine a customer's or prospect's interests and then email them somewhat relevant content after the visit.

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  • Are You Winning the Marketing Revolution

    Are You Winning the Marketing Revolution?

    If you choose to ignore the changing times, you may be left behind like Barnes & Noble or Blockbuster. Traditional outbound marketing -- broadcasting a single message to the masses through online or offline channels -- is failing.

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  • Want Happy Customers? Put Your Data to Work

    Finding, understanding, engaging and eventually knowing your customers used to be so simple. A business had mailing and phone lists, tracked appointments, visits, invoices and purchases and taught employees to remember loyal visitors. It was all about delivering the personal touch. How quaint.

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  • Marketers Say Real Time, Customers Say Deliver

    In 1996, inexpensive personal computers coupled with easy access to the Internet provided customers with increased access to information about products and services as well as the brands that deliver them. Fast forward to 2004. Web 2.

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  • Marketing Creep Stop Lurking and Just Listen

    Marketing Creep: Stop Lurking and Just Listen

    Not anymore. The Growing Data Trail Data isn’t just big today, it’s incomprehensibly gigantic. This extends to the amount of information about you that’s floating around. Once upon a time, you hesitated before you gave someone your phone number. Now? It doesn’t matter.

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