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  • Explaining Office 365's Empty Seat Phenomena

    Explaining Office 365's Empty Seat Phenomena

    In the spring of 2013, friends and former clients at large organizations started noticing a strange phenomena. The oddity occurred when the company switched from Microsoft Office desktop to Office 365 — they found a sizable percentage of their workforce no longer used Office for their work.

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  • Finding Your Right Collaboration Fit

    Finding Your Right Collaboration Fit

    Who has time to sort through all of the options in today’s collaboration tool landscape? With more than 150 different tools available (or more, depending on how broadly you define collaboration) it will take some time to find those that are good fits for your business.

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  • An Employee-Centric Mobile Approach

    An Employee-Centric Mobile Approach

    In all of the focus on BYOD policies and security questions in the mobile enterprise, one thing has been missing: employees. Mobile applications have received their fair share of the attention, as have IT's concerns for security of information, networks and communication.

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