Arun Ramaswamy

Arun Ramaswamy

Tampa, Fla.


Information Management


Arun Ramaswamy is the CTO for Nielsen Global Connect. He is focused on end-to-end transformation of Nielsen’s CPG- and retail-focused segment with tools like machine learning, cloud and analytics. In his role as CTO, Arun has overseen continued refinement of the Nielsen Connect platform, further enhancing and evangelizing the industry-leading, cloud-based solution. He has also played a key leadership role in the use of AI and deep learning to help identify products on retail shelves using image recognition. With 134 patents, Arun Ramaswamy has proven to be the most prolific inventor at Nielsen. He has served in various technology and engineering roles at Nielsen since joining the company in 2001, most recently leading global engineering. Arun oversaw the introduction of ground-breaking metering solutions, the world’s first wearable device designed to measure consumers’ TV and radio consumption, and the development of TV and digital ratings platforms.

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