Dan Keldsen


Boston, MA, USA


Information Management, Knowledge Management, Enterprise 2.0


+1 617.933.9655

Dan Keldsen is the President and Chief Innovation Officer at Information Architected, a consulting and implementation team focused on smarter ways of using of content, knowledge and processes to drive innovation and thrive in a digital world, from strategy through to implementation, as well as a co-founder of Level 50 Software, a mobile application development company focused on helping companies jump into the biggest change in computing in our lifetime. Previously, he was a Partner at Human 1.0, as the enterprise client services expert, supporting the innovation and insights team, and remains a Partner in the Human 1.0 network. He has spent nearly 20 years in marketing and IT roles at AIIM, Perot Systems, Delphi Group, and Elan Pharma. He's only just getting started. Find him on Twitter @dankeldsen.

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