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Customer Experience, Digital Marketing
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Since her student years, Joanna has been interested in digital marketing and journalism. She has worked in the marketing area for over 16 years. Joanna started her career as a junior marketer in 2005 and has grown to become the Head of the Marketing Department at a review platform called PissedConsumer. While performing her role, Joanna has gained extensive experience in communication with businesses, customers, and media representatives. Aside from helping consumers bring awareness to their issues, she also intends to help brands improve their relations with clients through online reviews. 

As part of her job, Joanna analyzes customer experience with companies in different industries and gets a better understanding of consumer behavior. In 2020, she started blogging and sharing her knowledge with like-minded professionals and regular consumers on the topics of customer reviews, customer experience, support, marketing, and brand growth. You may find her articles and contributions to MyCustomer, NewsBreak, ThriveGlobal, BestInAustralia, and VocalMedia. 

Joanna also assists journalists and reporters with research and consumer investigations. She has contributed data for news reports that appeared in media outlets such as U.S. News, The Washington Post, The Washington Informer, ABC News, Inc., WSB-TV News, WFTV Consumer Investigations, and Canvas8. 

You may follow Joanna on her LinkedIn and Twitter, where she posts the latest consumer trends and shares insights with business professionals on the strategies that can help them build better communication with customers.

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