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Michael Goodenough is the principal architect in North America for Omada, focused on Identity Governance and management on-prem or in the cloud, creating hybrid architectures for enterprise customers across all verticals. He is focused on sales support and integration of the Omada Identity Suit and helping customers get in control and stay in control while taking advantage of the new capabilities. 

He is also a co-founder and VCTO for the Cognitive Consortium. A well-known cloud visionary, Michael designed the consortium to provide market research expertise around the integration of networks, cloud computing and big data, our “smart advice” combines the Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive learning and remote network access security to create and manage an analytic culture. 

Michael's technical life was born in the '80s as a child when his teacher used a TSR80 to help him get over his dyslexia. His passion and admiration for innovation drove him to his first carrier many years later at IBM where he was given the opportunity to create and lead virtualization centers of competencies, technical communities and governance boards, supporting teams across the globe. Over the years his technical and operational background helped him forge the way in building first generations of cloud and service offerings with global support and sales teams for numerous fortune 100 companies. He has always enjoyed the hands-on experience with large enterprises and SBM company’s architecting and R&D/QA in all types of the major platforms amassing knowledge in over 57 different providers of cloud and infrastructure technologies.

Michael's commitment and dedication also extends to his philanthropic work. For more than 20 years, Michael has served on the board of directors for numerous local charities and small businesses. He has created several non-profit organizations, which helped thousands by supporting victims of HIV/AIDs, sheltering the homeless, supplying food pantries, providing assistance to veterans, support for abused women and children and supporting several youth organizations. Michael is a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran, who brings the same pride and work ethic he displayed in the Armed Services to everything he does for his customers, company and community. Despite all of his accomplishments, Michael is most proud of his family and wife of 18 years, with whom he enjoys spending his free time.

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