Scott K. Wilder

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Wilderville, Calif.
Digital Experience, Digital Marketing

Scott K. Wilder manages Partner Economy, LLC, a new B2B Marketing and Sales consulting firm focused on leveraging data to drive actionable results and positive ROI. The company leverages its PIE (Processes, Integrations and Ecosystems) Methodology to design engagement programs, build out the marketing and sales technology stack. Scott recently left Marketo, where he built the Marketing Nation Platform for Customers and Partners. He also is an advisor to Google for various Small and Medium Business initiatives. Scott previously consulted to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe and other top tier technology companies. From 2002-2009, he worked at Intuit, where he created its award winning Online Community. Scott has held senior management positions with American Express, AOL, Apple, Borders, eToys and Intuit. Scott's been in the trenches leveraging digital media since the early 1980s.

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