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Taj is the co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Systems Corp., creators of WiFi Motion and Aura Home. An established serial entrepreneur and inventor, Taj has a background in wireless technology and business. Experienced in the task of taking ideas to revenues, he founded several technology companies (e.g. Pravala, Sirific, and Tagcomm). The most public being Sirific Wireless, which merged with Icera and then sold to Nvidia for just under half a billion dollars. Sirific’s silicon products can be found in many wireless data sticks throughout the world. Previously, Taj served as a tenured Professor at the University of Waterloo and ran an RFIC consulting firm. Taj has over 100 granted patents and various awards in technology and business for his involvement in Software Defined Radios. Taj holds a degree in (Quantum) Physics and has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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