IWebTrack Self Hosted Website Analytics Package Visitor Analysis Tool
iWebTrack, a hosted web analytics vendor, has recently released an enhanced Visitor Navigation Path Analysis tool that is currently in beta. With this addition, users of iWebTrack can get an in-depth idea of visitor's navigation throughout web pages.The iWebTrack Enhanced Navigation Path Analysis Beta will help users to measure drop-off rates, analyze page drops and determine effectiveness of links. This latest addition also integrates into a navigation pane folder within iWebTrack for giving a better view of the statistics. These tools can help organizations to discover the paths that website visitors take, which is particularly useful to those who want to better optimize their sites and, potentially, increase visitor loyalty and time on site.
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iWebTrack's Interface

Offering In-Depth Analytics

The company states that it distinguishes itself from the competition like Google Analytics and WebTrends by offering in-depth analysis tools like the Enhanced Visitor Navigation Path Analysis Beta. They believe that this tool alone can help improve the "stickiness" of conversions and advertising campaigns. Some of the features included with iWebTrack are designed to compete with some of today's most popular web analytics packages: * In-depth views of visitor activity * Measurements in drop-off rates, page drops and link effectiveness * Graphs and charts for a quick visual display of information * Tools to help optimize the amount of time a user spends on a site Along with several other additions to iWebTrack -- like an outbound linking view -- the package is beginning to look like a true up-and-coming competitor to take on the web analytics industry. It might not be as flashy or easy to use as Google Analytics, but it packs plenty of data within a well-organized interface. Users also have better control over iWebTrack, as it is a self-hosted solution, which is becoming quite rare these days.

Pricing and Availability

Users are free to try out a demo of iWebTrack on the company's official website. Their Enhanced Navigation Path Analysis tool is available in the demo as well. A 30-day trial is also available. iWebTrack's pricing starts at US$ 39.99 per month for up to 100,000 page views per month.