Actian to Cloudera Eat My Dust

Actian to Cloudera: Eat My Dust

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Until now, we thought the Hadoop wars were only between the distro providers. But that’s no longer the case. It seems other ecosystem vendors who provide ancillary solutions are coming after Clouderaas well, claiming to have solutions that outperform it.

One such vendor, Actian, maintains its SQL on Hadoop solution outperforms Cloudera Impala, big time.

Yea, We're Fast

In fact, John Santaferraro, vice president of marketing, Actian Analytics Platform at Actian Corp., said that Actian’s patent-pending vector processing engine unleashes the record-breaking capabilities of the X100 engine across every node of the massively scalable Hadoop architecture, making it as much as30 times faster than anything else in the market.


And while speed is a big point of pride for Actian, what may be at least as attractive to many is its potential customers is its promise to deliver big data analytics “for the rest of us.”

The company claims that when its Actian Analytics platform is combined with Actian‘s Visual Data Flow framework, millions of business savvy SQL analysts and business analysts will be able to conduct advanced analytics on data stored directly in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Until now, this was something that was done primarily by the highly skilled workers at Internet companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Netflix as well as a few scarce data scientists that work elsewhere.

“This announcement lets you do it too,” said Santaferraro.

Learning Opportunities

And he said it’s a capability that no one else can provide.

“Those guys are trying to copy us,” he said of Cloudera (with its Impala technology). “But it will take it four to five years to catch up.”

Meaningful Change?

But aside from talking about leaving Cloudera in the dust, Santaferraro said the real winners here will be the many, many enterprises who invest or have invested in Hadoop, because Actian’s platform creates “transformative value” in short order.

Enterprise customers who leverage the platform will quickly be able to glean insights from massive amounts of demographic, psychographic, geographic, mobile and other kinds of data that is stored in Hadoop.

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