You don’t need to buy a new BI tool to glean insight from data stored in Hadoop, so said Dave Mariani, CEO and founder of AtScale.

After all, some enterprises already use as many as 55 different BI solutions as it is, which is about 50 too many by most accounts. So does acquiring yet another analytics tool and training analysts to use it in order to glean insights from big data, in real time, make sense?

Not if there’s a way to accomplish the same thing using BI tools you already own, use and love.

That’s the premise behind AtScale.

'The Power of Hadoop to Ordinary Humans'


If you haven’t heard of AtScale before, there’s a good reason. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company has been in stealth until today. For two years Mariani and his team worked to solve a problem that had IT managers and BI users in a tizzy: How can we glean wisdom from big data stored in Hadoop in real time when there’s no easy way to access it through the BI solutions we already use?

Enter AtScale.

Learning Opportunities

AtScale enables interactive, multi-dimensional analysis on Hadoop, directly from standard BI tools like Microsoft Excel, Tableau Software and QlikView.

Better yet, AtScale requires no data movement, no custom driver and no separate cluster to perform.When customers deploy AtScale, their business users can analyze the entirety of their Hadoop data, at lightning speed and from the BI tools they are already familiar with.

A Game Changer?

For companies like WarGaming, the Yellow Pages, and eBay, AtScale might prove to be a strategic advantage. By leveraging real time, data driven insights, they could reduce customer churn, make better buying suggestions, and set prices to win deals at exactly the right time.

AtScale benefits include:

  • Speed: AtScale turns Hadoop into an enterprise-grade, scale-out OLAP Server. It provides interactive analysis performance and ensures optimal query throughput on Hadoop.AtScale supports Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, HortonWorks and MapR.
  • Scale: AtScale lets business users tap into Hadoop in real-time, directly and securely. AtScale unique design lets users build reports on all the data they need, without compromise.
  • Choice: AtScale lets your BI tools talk Hadoop.AtScale is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Tableau Software, QlikView and many other leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools.With AtScale, business analysts self-serve to Hadoop from the tools they already own, know and love.
  • Agility:AtScale operates in-cluster and requires no data movement.At Scale removes the need for complex data movement, the cost of managing multiple data copies or time-consuming ETL work.
  • Control:With AtScale, IT does not have to set up datamarts to provide secure data access to enterprise Data Lakes.AtScale lets administrators provide managed self-service BI centrally and directly on cluster.

A New Day for Big Data Intelligence?

It could be. Since a great number of companies that have implemented Hadoop aren’t yet gleaning value from it, AtScale could be the company that finally changes the game.