Teradata is serious about big data. In fact, when it comes to Hadoop, it wants to be the one-stop shop for its large customer base. Aside from making its existing products more powerful and more capable, it recently strengthened its support partnerships with independent Hadoop distro providers MapR and Cloudera, and signaled a continued commitment to Hortonworks, which in now publicly traded as Nasdaq:HDP.

Today the company announced that it has purchase RainStor, a provider of patented Enterprise archiving solutions around Hadoop.

Powerful Tool

The acquisition will enable organizations to add archival data store capabilities for their entire enterprise, thereby accelerating the enterprise-readiness of Hadoop. In addition, for Enterprises that need to archive large volumes of data for compliance reasons, RainStor provides an extremely powerful tool.

Commenting on the acquisition, Ovum analyst Tony Baer said, via Twitter, that Teradata seems to be “looking to expand tiering of data w/ new near-line options.”

This is Teradata’s fourth big data-related purchase in the last six months, earlier acquisitions include Hadapt and Revelytix, and Think Big Analytics.

Some Wall Street analysts were questioning Teradata’s long term viability in a world filled with Hadoop earlier this year.  But we think we know something they don’t: Teradata customers really love Teradata. They’d likely rather fight than switch.

But the discussion is quickly becoming moot anyways because Teradata is increasingly becoming more and more of a big data solutions provider, consider its new tagline, “Teradata, the big data analytics and marketing applications company.”