Money and More It Pays To Be a BDAS Developer Infographic

With big data and analytics being all the rage, hiring a Big Data, Analytics Software (thus the term B*DAS*) developer is no easy task. “Developers are the kingmakers,” explained Matt Asay, vice president of mobile at Adobe. At the time he said that, he was working at MongoDB.

And the job rate for this kind of worker is growing faster than the amount of qualified talent.

This is a problem for employers because 3rd platform developers write the software that can catapult them to new heights or let them float into oblivion. And we’re not talking only startups, but also big companies like Nordstrom, Cigna, FICO and even the Federal Government. They need these kinds of workers, too.

As a result, businesses are pulling out all the stops to attract developers. But before they can do that, they need to discover who these developers are and how they prefer to work. Otherwise, there’s no point in putting a perks package together.

A New Breed

FICO, the company that we typically think of in relationship to borrowing, now offers products and services around Marketing and Customer Engagement, Fraud and Security, and Analytics as well. And just recently, it created an infographic displaying the profile of this new breed of developer. You’ll find it at the end of this article.

As you look at it, consider some of the perks that employers are offering to this new breed of developer.

Asana, which helps companies manage tasks and projects without email, provides its workers with in-house yoga, custom organic meals cooked two or three times a day, executive and life coaching, and the creation of “sweet workspaces,” which they are given as much as $10,000 to customize.

Dropbox offers a music studio, a treehouse, as well as food and drink at the company Tuck Shop (café, bar, employee cafeteria.) The company also, reportedly, provides Razor Scooters you can ride around the office.

Inbound marketing provider, Moz, provides its employees with not only a fully stocked beverage fridge, a bar, a cereal bar, fresh organic produce, healthy snacks, not-so-healthy snacks and all the candy they can eat, but also paid paid vacation — meaning workers get as much as $3,000 to spend during their time off.

Cloudera provides a travel concierge and workers can bring their pets to work.

With all this comfort at the office, who would ever want to go home? We’re sure that these employers would insist that’s not the purpose.

Either way, being a B*DAS* developer seems well worth the while. If you’re not one, why not go back to school?


Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License Title image by julesair.