Nuxeo Platform Integrates MongoDB #MongoDBWorld

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You don't have to look any further than the lines of people waiting to get into MongoDB's first user conference in New York City today to understand the popularity of the NoSQL database. So it's not surprising that savvy companies are trying to get in on the action.

Take Nuxeo, for instance. The open source content management system (CMS) just integrated its platform with MongoDB to offer "high performance, availability and scalability of content centric business applications." 

Another Option

MongoDB isn’t replacing Nuxeo's existing SQL-based storage engine. Instead, it is an alternative for companies dealing with an enormous volume and variety of content, the company noted.

The move will open the enterprise content management platform to a bevy of capabilities, including the introduction of big data tools and processes to the proprietary store and improved data processing and aggregation.

Learning Opportunities

"The Nuxeo Platform and MongoDB together enable a whole new range of of content management applications, ones that deal with enormous volumes and massive parallel writes," Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca noted in a statement. In a blog post, company officials noted numerous advantages from the new integration.

Nuxeo customers with large content store requirements are able to leverage MongoDB to get features such as replication, zero downtime and multi-master writes. It also works well alongside Elasticsearch, leveraging Elasticsearch for advanced queries and MongoDB for scalable content storage."

MongoDB is compatible with the with the latest Fast Track version of the Nuxeo Platform, 5.9.4 and will be included with version 5.9.5 upon release.