HANA goes to the cloud, breaks a database record, cures diseases and pokes fun at … Ok, slight exaggeration. But, truth be told, we could add more to it.

SAP wants to be the future of computing, and it wants it all. (It already owns a nice chunk of it.) More specifically, SAP wants to own big data, analytics, cloud, mobile, business applications and other technologies — in the enterprise and beyond it.

Forget Modesty

The idea is, if you go with SAP you’ll have information systems that break world records, leverage the world’s best business and analytical thinking, and give you the information you need to make decisions faster than anyone else. And your entire enterprise can run on SAP products or those of its partners.

Vishal Sikka, a member of the executive board of SAP AG, Products and Innovation, isn’t reserved when he talks about all of this. You get the feeling that SAP’s vision “to help the world run better and improve people's lives” is in his blood rather than a bunch of jargon SAP created for its brochures and annual reports. 

So it’s no surprise that Sikka was elated at the company's press conference earlier today. The company made some big announcements, talked strategy, leaked something that they won’t be introducing until later this year (Ariba will be running on Amazon HANA later this year.) 

And, as is now becoming the norm, Sikka took a jab at not only an unnamed vendor (who we all knew was Oracle), but also somewhat dismissively mentioned MongoDB.

We’d suspect that the fact that MongoDB is on SAP’s radar might have evoked a few cheers at MongoDB’s New York offices because it’s an affirmation that it's on the map with the big guys.

SAP’s Announcements

SAP made a few huge announcements today. First, it said that together with its partners BMMsoft, HP, Intel, NetApp and Red Hat it had developed the world’s largest data warehouse — 12.1 petabytes. It was recognized by Guinness World Records and is four times larger than the prior record.

Sikka said setting the new world record with the combination of SAP HANA and SAP IQ was a "moonshot" challenge he had laid out for our engineering team. The goal was to set new limits in bringing Big Data together with fast, ad hoc and scalable analytics. This establishes that SAP’s platform as a cost-effective and high-performance approach toward solving extreme problems in big data and analytics.

“HANA beats the pants off of any database,” he added.

Though SAP may not be the first company that comes to mind when we think big data, the reality is that, according to Wikibon, it ranks fourth in revenue among all big data plays. And when it comes to speed, SAP’s close relationship to partners, like Intel, give it a technical advantage because they engineer for big data at the chip level.

SAP HANA Comes to the Cloud

During the press conference, Sikka couldn’t have been prouder when he announced that SAP HANA, the company’s real time data platform that has taken the world by storm, would now be available on the cloud. 

The HANA-for-all strategy offers simplified pricing, deployment and accessibility options. Customers can choose from three offerings: SAP HANA AppServices, SAP HANA DBServices and SAP HANA Infrastructure Services or buy the full cloud-based HANA platform

HANA Apps Take-on the Consumption Model

HANA applications will now be delivered on the Cloud, starting with a base price to which applications such as predictive analytics, spatial processing and planning can be added, and paid for, as customers need them.

Learning Opportunities

The beauty of this is that its, conceivably, makes HANA more affordable for enterprises who don’t want, need or can’t afford the whole suite.

SAP HANA for Startups, ISV’s and Customers

IT’s third platform is all about enabling developers with the tools they need to build, test, and deploy data-driven apps in the cloud. SAP’s HANA platform enables that starting today.

“HANA App developers will have the full weight of the SAP ecosystem behind them, which includes access to the company’s customer network,” said Sikka. (We suspect that you have to have proven yourself and gone through some kind of screening before that happens.)

The HANA Cloud Platform is available via SAP’s HANA Marketplace and, according to the company, developers can access it and get busy within as little as 30 minutes.

SAP Builds its own HANA-based Apps, Too

SAP loves its developer community, “the only limit is our imagination,” said Sikka. And it seems that SAP has unleashed its own imagination with its SAP Human Genomic Analyzer, a new application powered by SAP HANA that aims to allow researchers and clinicians to find breakthrough insights from genomics data in real time. 

The researchers involved in this project have already made an interesting preliminary discovery about diabetes, according to Sikka. “Diabetes is related from to where you come from,” as opposed to what you eat. ”This immediately changes the way you think about diabetes,” he adds. 

SAP HANA’s Amazing Speed on the Cloud

HANA’s speed is a game-changer, said Sikka. “Where the business used to say “no”, the say “now.” 

HANA is 3600 faster than ever and can reportedly turn disparate data into accurate insights. “It’s a platform for our imagination,” he added.

And, oh, by the way, he slips in that HANA on Amazon is 6,000 times faster than Mongo (or whatever). But, of course, he doesn’t end that way. “HANA helps us see the world around us in an amazing way,” he concluded.