Whats Cooler Than Beats Music Using MapR HadoopSummit

We all know streaming music is a big thing — people no longer get excited about building playlists or hitting shuffle on their iPods only to hear the same tired tunes over and over again.

Today we want to listen to crowd-sourced, curated music that’s selected specifically for us. And services that can provide that need to process and crunch lots of data (demographic, psychographic, mobile, social …), big data and to then apply predictive analytics to determine what might delight us.

While providers like Spotify and Pandora have been doing that for quite some time, Beats Music recently came out of nowhere and disrupted the scene — so much so that Apple bought it (and Beats Electronics) from Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

Now we’re not going to tell you that either of those music moguls knows a lot about big data (they could, but we sort of doubt it). But we do know this: Beats Music uses MapR for its big data needs.

MapR Has an App Gallery

Now while we had to pry the aforementioned details from Jack Norris, MapR’s chief marketing officer, he shared something else with us that also makes the Hadoop distro provider cool. As of today, it owns a Hadoop application gallery, appropriately named the MapR App Gallery.

First things first. Let’s be clear. MapR’s App Gallery might look like a “toy” store, but unless you’re a Hadoop end-user developer, administrator, analyst or someone who manages the aforementioned personas, you’re unlikely to appreciate much more than the concept.

On the other hand, if you’re a big data geek who uses MapR, you’ve discovered a golden key that opens (or may eventually open) the door to a gallery of solutions that are likely fits for your environment.

You will (for the most part) no longer have waste hours on the web hoping to discover your fix.

What’s in the Gallery?

While the gallery is brand new, it already displays apps from various providers separated by category:

  • Database: Hadapt, Rainstor, Simba and Splice Machine
  • Analytics and Data Integration: Alpine Data Labs, Appfluent, Datameer, DataTorrent, Informatica, Information Builders, Jaspersoft, Data Tactics, Pentaho, Platfora, Revelytics, Revolution Analytics, Syncsort and Tableau
  • Search: Elasticsearch and LucidWorks
  • Machine Learning: 0xdata, Skytree and Zementis
  • Management and security: Dataguise, Splunk, StackIQ and Voltage

Norris anticipates the number of applications in the gallery will grow – particularly those that leverage unique capabilities of MapR and enable customers to better optimize revenue, control costs and mitigate risk.