O’Reilly Media’s got another book for you.

As you probably know, performance plays a critical part in a website’s journey to success. This doesn’t bode well for sites that are bogged down in Web applications that push browsers to the brink with heavy doses of rich content and Ajax.

In Even Faster Web Sites, author Steve Souders, Web performance evangelist at Google and former Chief Performance Yahoo!, provides techniques and advice for improving your site’s performance under three different categories:

  • JavaScript-Get advice for understanding Ajax performance, writing efficient JavaScript, creating responsive applications, loading scripts without blocking other components, and more.
  • Network-Learn to share resources across multiple domains, reduce image size without loss of quality, and use chunked encoding to render pages faster.
  • Browser-Discover alternatives to iframes, how to simplify CSS selectors, and other techniques.

Even Faster Web Sites also contains six guest chapters contributed by Dion Almaer, Doug Crockford, Ben Galbraith, Tony Gentilcore, Dylan Schiemann, Stoyan Stefanov, Nicole Sullivan, and Nicholas C. Zakas. Pick up your own copy here and get on your way to faster load and response times.