Vamosa Content Migrator
Vamosa recently announced the availability of v2.9 of Content Migrator, their content analysis and migration software. This newest release brings even better document migration and adds increased link cohesion capabilities. This is the first time that Vamosa has introduced the concept of ‘link cohesion’ to the document world, although it has been a popular feature of "Vamosa Content Migrator and has been used when migrating web content to translate all internal website hyperlinks." By bringing this feature to documents now, it will be a boon to companies that have large document and content archives in transition.Nic Archer, Senior Vice President at Vamosa, recently stated that “Link Cohesion when migrating web content is an essential function of Vamosa Content Migrator. Organizations need to be able to feel confident that their content remains accessible in their new locations." Archer continues saying, "Link Cohesion when migrating documents is no different. It is essential that the integrity of links within documents is maintained and therefore ensure that users will continue to be able to access the content they desire with ease. The introduction of the ability to automatically scan, check and if necessary revise, these links, further demonstrates Vamosa’s ability to bring real value to the Enterprise Content Management community. Carrying out such an operation manually simply would not be an option.” Vamosa was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. The company has kept itself in the spotlight lately, announcing a free version of their migration tools in November and previously receiving high marks from analyst firm The Butler Group.