5 More Education-Focused Web Content Management Platforms

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Last week we listed five education-focused web content management platforms. Though it was not meant to be an exclusive list, I was quickly notified that I left out some other popular platforms. This week, I bring you five MORE education-focused web CMS.

Do Your Homework

Not all university websites are created equal. As a result, they don't require the same CMS. When selecting the right platform through which to manage content, digital assets, constituent communities and more, it's important to not only understand your own goals, but to closely examine the capabilities and features of potential web cms platforms. What works for one school, may not work for another. 

Hannon Hill

While Hannon Hill isn’t for just for academic institutions, thousands of college and university websites use Cascade Server as their web content management system.With Cascade Server, team members have the specific functionality they need to do their job. Administrators can maintain the backend of the system efficiently and reliably. Developers have the agility and flexibility they need to be productive. Content managers are able to enforce standards and consistent branding without any hassles. End users can create and update their content wherever they are. Overall, Cascade Sever provides schools with the accountability and compliance needed to stay up-to-date, safe and secure. Hannon Hill also offers CMS cloud hosting for Cascade Server.

Additional features include:

  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Structured authoring
  • Workflow management
  • Notifications and messaging
  • Social Media Connectors
  • Responsive web design
  • Unlimited sites and users, groups and roles
  • Free training

Terminal Four

Another company whose CMS is used widely by colleges and universities is TERMINALFOUR. Their Site Manager is an enterprise scale web content management system, built with end users in mind. The flexible web CMS makes delivering and managing very large, highly devolved, multilingual websites, mobile sites/apps, intranets and extranets more manageable. It also includes a wide range of Intranet, Social Media and Web 2.0 modules, like blogging, commenting, social tagging, polls, videos and forms.

Additional features include:

  • Feature Rich Web Content Management Authoring
  • Navigation & Information Architecture
  • Styles & Templates
  • Media Library
  • User Rights & Roles
  • Workflow management
  • Version Control, Auditing & Rollback
  • Multi Language Functionality 
  • Multiple Sites or Channels
  • eForms
  • Web Accessibility 


LiveWhale is a content management system specifically for higher education. It makes page editing as simple as a single click and empowers the entire campus community can get involved in creating, sharing, and curating great Web content. Because it’s a CMSbuilt for communications it includes features designed to facilitate great communications on campus and beyond.

Additional features include:

Learning Opportunities

  • One-click page editing
  • News, events, web galleries and forms
  • Searchable database of community-created content
  • Built-in accessibility checking
  • Online administration
  • Asset management
  • Multi-lingual content


PaperThin offers a platform called CommonSpot that combines deep knowledge and expertise in the education space with a web content management solution that helps institutions manage and organize web content. Whether your school needs an out-of-the-box Web 2.0 applications like event calendars, profiles, or blogs; wants the ability to create your own applications through a development framework; or would like to easily integrate with 3rd party course management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, CommonSpot provides a flexible web foundation that helps administrators create compelling web experiences.

  • Brand management
  • Intuitive user interface and dashboard
  • Community-building apps
  • Campaign optimization tools
  • Multimedia apps
  • Taxonomy capabilities
  • Granular security applications
  • Open source development framework
  • CommonSpot Developer Community


Ektron Web Content Management System-Ellucian Edition helps academic institutions create and maintain websites by facilitating content creation and editing with in-context authoring, drag-and-drop page creation, check-in/out content library services, and a fully customizable review and publishing workflow. Customized for higher education, the solution provides a starter website with pre-built templates, web pages, and structured content. 

Additional features include:

  • Integration with Ellucian Recruiter
  • Integration with Colleage by Ellucian
  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile websites and applications
  • Custom built widget and starter site
  • Content targeting
  • Visual Drag and Drop Page Layout

Go Back to School

It's summer, which for a lot of schools means a time to slow down and take inventory of your current systems, refine workflows and upgrade as needed. Before students and faculty head back to school in the fall, use the summer to get to know your CMS -- learn new features, train others and explore new possibilities. 

Is your school using a CMS not mentioned in this or our previous lists? Do you have questions about how to select a CMS that's right for your school? Let us know in the comments. 

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