5 Reasons Hardware Still Matters

It's a software world, after all.

But the fact is that hardware still matters. In an app-driven, SaaS-based world, businesses still can't pass over or ignore hardware.

CMSWire talked with Tim Williams, director of product management for Absolute Software, who discusses with us five reasons hardware should still be on your business radar:

Without Hardware, No Software

Our favorite software, games and interactions are only executed by using a piece of hardware. "Without this tangible piece of equipment plugged into our software universe, we would not be able to install the latest applications, surf the web, or open our email," Williams told CMSWire. "It would be a lonely and one-sided affair."

Warning Signs Abound

IT uses hardware to monitor the overall health and potential risks within corporate networks.

"Whether they’re looking for bad patches, blacklisted apps, or jailbroken devices, it will typically be a health check that is run on an endpoint or other hardware that provides the status of the software," Williams said. "Even consumers can tell that something is wrong based on the way their hardware is behaving.

Sharing Software Experience

We know by now a big portion of our life is in the cloud. Hardware simply makes it easier to have a human experience within the cloud. "Think about how you’d share your favorite blog post or the latest news without hardware to facilitate the process," Williams said.  

Hardware Defines Us

Choosing hardware for your business? It can be a "direct reflection of who we are and how we roll," said Williams. iOS or Android? Boxers or briefs? Do you have a hot pink wrapper on your smartphone or do you prefer the mystery of a flat black finish? Is your ringtone old school or “Happy” by Pharrell Williams?

"In many ways, the hardware, and the software, we choose is a direct reflection of who we are," said Williams.

Hardware Protects Us

If a device is lost or stolen, it’s rarely the software that will stop an unauthorized entity from accessing the data. Usually it’s the software that holds all of the important stuff like corporate data and personal information.

"Thankfully, the hardware can be locked and even wiped to prevent access," Williams said. "Of course this requires an ongoing connection to the device even if it’s out of our hands. Absolute persistence technology marries software and hardware by embedding a module in the firmware of a device that is activated by a software agent. The communication between these two points provides us with the ability to remain connected to the device regardless of user or location."

At the end of the day, Williams said, software and hardware are equally important. "You really can’t have one without the other," Williams added. "The most innovative endpoint is meaningless if there is no software loaded onto it. And the coolest app is nothing more than a flat-line without hardware to bring it to life."

Title image by Niloo (Shutterstock).