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Wish you could actively rate and share opinions about people in the news? aims to do just that (and much more) with its new people-polling platform that launched today.

For the People, By the People...

In an attempt to engage readers and prevent today’s headline from becoming yesterday’s old news (something SendLove likes to call content rediscovery), has developed a plugin for online publishers and bloggers that allows web visitors to vote up ("Love") or vote down ("Not") public figures (politicians, athletes, celebrities, business leaders, etc.) and participate in conversations about them on a publisher's website.

To send love (or not), sites that incorporate the plugin will create an interactive feed at the bottom of each article. While it won’t replace existing commenting modules, will show readers the community score for each person mentioned in the article, highlighting the most interesting opinions, designed to promote both conversations and relevant content.

With more than 50 sites having participated in the beta testing, is eager to bring its plugin platform to the people. Literally.

How It Works

Ultimately, the idea is that, by using, publishers can not only help to engage their readers by providing comments pertaining to relevant topics, but they can also work to increase accountability between the public and our public figures.

People Power

After reading an article that mentions a public figure, a reader can use the buttons to vote that person up (send a “Love”) or down (send a “Not”) with one click, and share their opinions on issues related to that person.


Community Engagement

As visitors vote up or down, their opinions accumulate in an interactive feed at the bottom of every article -- past, present and future -- that mentions that person, creating visible,   engaging, site-wide discussions that span both old and new content.


Content Rediscovery

Each opinion in the feed links back to the article that inspired it, so visitors also discover (or rediscover) and read more articles through the voice of their peers, increasing time on site and page views.



People-Inspired Publishing?

Will this help save the publishing industry? Who knows, but at least it attempts to give readers the power to engage with their content. Thanks to social media, we've grown rather fond of sharing what's on our mind. hopes to capitalize on sharing so that publishers and readers alike can become more engaged with the written word.

The plugin is free and available for all types of CMS, including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, MoveableType, Drupal, Joomla and Squarespace. Best yet, the plugin offers publishers advanced features such as social sharing and authentication, real-time moderation, an analytics dashboard with deep demographics and the ability to customize the look and feel.