As long as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod continue to dominate the mobile landscape, flash-based websites and applications will be rendered obsolete. HTML5 promises to be the future, as demonstrated by every new Apple mobile device, Mac and Safari browser that now supports its open standards. If Adobe had any hopes of partnering with, and in return, profiting from Apple, they needed to distract users away from its proprietary Flash applications and towards a new HTML5 program. Enter Adobe Edge.

Edge is Adobe’s new HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards likes HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Today, Adobe announced the first public preview release of Edge.

A New Open Edge for Adobe

Adobe cites “rapid changes around HTML5” as the impetus for adopting an open development methodology for Adobe Edge. As well, it’s taking a page from Google’s now retired Google Labs by releasing the software on the Adobe Labs site much earlier than normal in the development process -- before it even reaches beta -- in order to allow user feedback to help shape the final product.


The Adobe Edge preview works natively with HTML and lets users add motion to existing HTML documents without complicating or comprising the design integrity of CSS-based layouts. Adobe Edge gives users the reliability of adhering to web standards, while providing the freedom to create and customize designs:

  • Users can now create visually rich content organically, using familiar drawing tools that produce HTML elements styled with CSS3.
  • Users can import standard Web graphics assets such as SVG, PNG, JPG and GIF files and style them using CSS3.
  • A WebKit, featuring an innovative timeline function, helps users to define and customize motion applied to HTML elements with extreme precision.
  • Content created with Edge is designed to work on modern browsers including those on Android, BlackBerry Playbook, iOS , HP webOS and other smartphone mobile devices as well as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 9.

Test Drive for Free

For those interested in giving Adobe Edge a test drive, the public preview is available through Adobe Labs. The download is free for anyone wanting to explore adding motion and animation to their HTML workflow or HTML animation to their skill set. Feedback is strongly encouraged and Adobe expects to make regular updates accordingly.

There’s even a new online resource available, which highlights some of the newest and most expressive HTML5 and CSS3 features being added. So go ahead, kick the tires, do donuts in the parking lot -- all in the name of dynamic web content.