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Agility has updated its Agility Magazine Suite to improve the platform’s usability and functionality.

Improving Media Websites, One Update at a Time

Designed specifically for online magazines, blogs, media sites and apps, the Agility Magazine Suite was launched in late 2012 to improve web publishing, which is something the company aims to continue with its new and updated features.

More Responsive and Activity Focused Features

The Magazine’s Suite’s new features are as follows:

  • Responsive Template: With the responsive design template, any webpages made through Agility will automatically adapt to any size screen. Although, the company notes that on small devices, such as smartphones, the Sidebar Content Zone will be removed in favor of the Main Content Zone which means that the font size will be larger and content will appear ‘stacked.’
  • Error Message Module: Sometimes a webpage is moved or removed and if a visitor has an old address or a link isn't updated this can lead them to a 404 error page. Now with the Error Message Module visitor's don't have to resort to a search engine or navigate through the website's homepage to find what they are looking for. For example, the message might say "We apologize, but this page has been moved here, please update your bookmarks.”
  • Collect Box Module: With this module users are able to add a 300X250 box to their website to gather data, such as a person’s name and email for newsletter purposes.
  • Recent Activity Module: As its name suggests, the Recent Activity module is designed to help users track articles and blog posts that been commented on by another user. Listed in a newsfeed format, each activity post includes a link to the commenter’s profile, a link to what they commented on and their profile picture, if it’s available. Publishers should note that the Recent Activity Module is cached, so new comments might not be displayed for an hour.

responsive agility magazine suite

An example of responsive design

A Couple of Updates

There are also a few pre-existing features that were updated. They include:

  • Article Details Module: Article details can now be listed by category, which enables content editors to customize details to fit a specific category instead of using the under articles/article-details shared page.
  • Article Listing Module: Article Listings has also be updated so that it fits the Sidebar Content Zone, allowing relevant articles to be highlighted.
  • Latest Articles Module: New articles are now filtered into time specific categories such as “Latest Videos” or “Latest Galleries,” so that older content isn't displayed with newer content.
  • Image Slider Module: Users can now link an image directly into an article through Agility's built-in link picker tool.
  • Comments Module: This module has been updated so that the authentication tab will display the last login-method used when someone goes to sign in and website users can now delete or edit comments by clicking a link next to the comment listing. Although, comments can't be deleted if someone has already replied to it. Also, a commenter's names and avatar will now link to that person’s profile page or website URL.
  • Sitemap.xml: Listings of images and photos from blog posts and articles have been added to the sitemap.xml to improve a website’s image SEO.

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An example of the recent activity module

Agility notes that additional updates to the platform are expected in the coming months. Other features that the suite has, but haven't been updated include polls, featured content, advertising management and related articles.