Due to growing impatience with customer service hotlines (i.e. the near impossibility of getting a voice on the line), most people now prefer to reach help centers through new media, utilizing email, Facebook and even Twitter to assert their complaints. As a means of consolidating these multidimensional grievances, SalesForce.com has created a central hub called Desk.com, where service agents are hit all at once and can manage their replies. The product launched this week, and incidentally, in promotion, the company gave away 1,000 free burritos. Complaining has never been easier or more satisfying. 


After acquiring Assistly last year along with its slew of clients -- Instagram, Spotify, Pandora, Vimeo, Rdio, Grooveshark, among them -- SalesForce.com launches Desk.com as a renovation of the original procurement, restoring the prototype with a much-improved interface. The slick and sophisticated upgrade to traditional hotlines, Desk.com serves as an application for companies using cloud-based customer support management, amalgamating phone calls, Tweets and emails into one home fort, where agents can more efficiently and promptly respond to clients.

The reincarnation comes with a mobile app enhancement, built as an HTML5-based site, which allows representatives access to the center when they’re on the go from their iPhone and Android devices. The early reaction appears to be this latter trait is the only real advancement from Assistly, however the company also emphasizes its use of better assets and new API.

Increasingly, SalesForce.com has become known as the primary source of enterprise cloud software for small businesses, with particular accent on CRM solutions. Having tackled service initiatives for larger corporations already with its “Service Cloud” offering, this latest development capitalizes on a mounting need to unify communication channels in an area with so many diverse networks. For businesses on the brink of expansion, CMSWire reported last year that users will also have the option of switching to the Service Cloud as dictated by their own demand.

Desk.com embraces the same pricing model as Assistly, starting as a free amenity for the first full-time agent. Each additional agent will be charged US$ 49 per month, and part-time users can operate for US$ 1 per hour.

We built Desk.com so that every company can deliver personal customer service in a social and mobile world. Desk.com is social at its core; its mobile app instantly lets any employee, anywhere, deliver awesome customer service; and it can be deployed quickly and easily,” said Alex Bard, vice president and general manager, Desk.com.

The 1-800 of the Future

So, exactly how revolutionary is Desk.com? As VentureBeat remarks, it joins a growing line of other startups focused on the need for customer support platforms. A report released this year by Javelin revealed even banks are choosing to address issues through social media.

Likely, the ability to deal with temper tantrums indirectly makes digital communication strategies ideal. Furthermore, the high-level organizational structure and mobile capacity undoubtedly will lead to decreased lag time in responding to concerns.

If folks respond as well to the new look as they did the free burritos, Desk.com will be an instant success.