With support from Microsoft, Automattic built and released a free, open source WordPress.com app for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Open Source, Free and Windows?

Automattic, Inc. develops some of the most popular WordPress applications and plugins, including the spam-fighting Akismet plugin, Polldaddy and Gravatar. The company is also a long-time contributor to nonprofit and open source projects, such as WordPress.org and BuddyPress.

Automattic designer and creative director Matt Thomas announced the app, which is available in the Windows Store. In his blog post, Thomas explains:

We decided to focus on showcasing the best of WordPress.com for our first version of the app, and what better way to do that than with Freshly Pressed? We’ve been highlighting WordPress.com bloggers there for several years now, and all of that great content is now accessible in our app."

Automattic released the app source code and you can follow the app development on the Windows 8 trac.

App Features

Thomas says that his company built in special features for WordPress.com users. For example, after users sign into their accounts, they can "like" and reblog posts from Freshly Pressed, a collection of bloggers, new posts and comments. Users can also follow a blog or subscribe to it in the WordPress.com reader, and reblog posts to share them on the users' own blogs.

With the Share charm, WordPress.com app users can share content, such as a photo library image, from any app in Windows 8 to users' own WordPress blogs.


Thomas says that, although this is only a first version of the WordPress.com app for Windows 8, he thinks it is "... a great way of marrying the unique Metro interface in Windows 8 with the cool stuff you can do with WordPress.com."

The WordPress.com app supports x86, x64 and ARM processors and is licensed under the GPL v2. Currently, the app is only available in English.