As you have probably heard, gamification adoption is growing  in the enterprise. The rapidly expanding demand is driving new vendors to enter the market and existing vendors, such as BigDoor, to expand its platform. BigDoor has announced a new version of its Gamified Rewards Program.

The New Face of Loyalty

Companies are constantly attempting to increase customer loyalty. Not only is it less expensive to sell products and services to existing customers, but a loyal existing customer base can act as brand advocates who provide free advertising to attract new customers. BigDoor’s platform uses gamification as a tool to drive deeper customer engagement, which can ultimately improve loyalty.

BigDoor’s platform gives publishers the ability to integrate gamification into their site and offer rewards such as exclusive content and virtual or real-world goods to encourage users to interact for longer and more extensively with a site. The platform can also support paid sponsorships and sweepstakes.

In addition to the visitor-focused features, BigDoor includes an analytics dashboard that allows users to monitor key performance indicators and drill down into campaign performance metrics. BigDoor reports that the 25 sites that participated in Gamified Rewards Program private beta experienced a 153% lift in user loyalty and 672% lift in user engagement. However, the company has not provided details of the methodology for calculating these results.

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BigDoor Gamified Rewards Integration

Getting Additional Details

The Gamified Rewards platform is available now. Additional details on platform features are provided on the product site. BigDoor offers three pricing options:

  • Lite -- Free for sites with less than 25,000 visitors per month
  • Plus -- a white label solution for sites with up one million visitors ber month
  • Premium -- customized enterprise offering

Although several companies such as BigDoor and Bunchball are emerging that offer standalone gamification platforms that can be integrated into sites, software vendors of all types from content management to resource planning and project management are also simultaneously augmenting their products with gamification features. Long-term, organizations will have to decide how to manage their gameification effort -- in verticals or as a unified solution.