Crafter Rivet is now Crafter CMS as Rivet Logic has spun off a company called Crafter Software to promote its the Web content and Web experience management system.


Personalization with content targeting feature in Crafter CMS.

Goodbye Crafter Rivet, Hello Crafter CMS

While we really liked the name Crafter Rivet (go ahead, say it out loud), Rivet Logic has opted to go with the more obvious Crafter CMS as the name for its flagship WCM system. No doubt more people will recognize the CMS part of the name, even if the tough sounding Crafter Rivet name is now a thing of the past.

Crafter CMS will still offer both a free Community and an Enterprise licensed version, just like under the old name, but now new customers will perhaps be emboldened by the name change, and be prompted to take a closer look at the the comprehensive system.

Crafter Studio 2.2 Released with Drag and Drop Components

As part of the renaming, Crafter CMS has released version 2.2 of its Crafter Studio admin tool. The update features the addition of drag and drop component placement for intuitive manipulation of graphical layout design. As in Crafter Rivet, Crafter CMS also features native integration of the Alfresco content management system, another open source tool that allows for an array of deployment options. It supports on premise, cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.


Snapshot of the multichannel publishing tool in Crafter CMS.

Combining with the rollout of Crafter CMS are professional services partners Blue Fish Development Group and Tribloom in North America, and Sourcesense in Europe.

"There is a big gap in the open source Web content management market, especially in the enterprise Java space," Michael McCarthy, president of Tribloom Inc said in a statement.

"Crafter fills that gap."

"There is a big gap in the open source web content management market, especially in the enterprise Java space,” said Michael McCarthy, president of Tribloom, Inc. “Crafter fills that gap.”