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The mobile web is exploding -- it's true. And the good news is that intelligently addressing the needs of your mobile visitors doesn't have to be intimidating or resource intensive.

Yes, building mobile experiences is not a simple as publishing your website for a smaller screen. But, you also do not need to create completely separate code bases and content.

What if you could design and deploy all your content across all devices appropriately using a single environment and a single set of templates? The key, according to the Telerik team, is to develop your mobile strategy based on "responsive design".

Using responsive design you can:

Learning Opportunities

  • Create and manage your content in a single location and have it reflected appropriately across channels and devices.
  • Manage a single URL regardless of device used to access your site.
  • Automatic adjust the size of screens without doing device detection or redirecting the user to other locations.
  • Manage web properties without additional server logic.

Responsive design concepts, product solutions and means of building mobile experiences will be address in an upcoming one hour interactive webinar on April 11 at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 16:00 GMT.

Is mobile on your mind? If so, you can reserve your seat here.