Ektron Offers Cloud Version of Web Content Management Platform

Ektron has joined the list of WCM providers offering a hosted version of its own web content management platform.

Ektron Managed Cloud

Ektron calls it the Managed Cloud and its meant to support the growing number of organizations who look to cloud-based solutions. Here's what it offers:

  • Installation, setup and 24x7 monitoring of your website
  • Support
  • Instant redundancy and 99.9% reliability
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Priority support and communication

Ektron's Managed Cloud comes a short time after it launched Ektron CMS v8.7 which included hosting support for Amazon EC2 in addition to its support for Microsoft Azure. So the ability to hosted the WCM is not something new. 

What's new is the Ektron will manage all the details of that hosting for you, leaving marketers with the ability to focus on what they do best -- market. The Ektron Managed Cloud offers all the same capabilities as the on premises version, including the ability to create and manage websites using a responsive design approach, adaptive image resizing to support images on devices like smartphones and tablets, marketing optimization tools and integration with a number of other cloud-based business tools (i.e. CRM, analytics, marketing automation and so on). 

Ektron's Managed Cloud doesn't run in a particular cloud, it's "cloud agnostic" -- which simply means it supports customers running their environment in Azure, Amazon or Rackspace.

Supporting On Premises and Cloud Models

With many organizations looking to reduce costs, cloud-based solutions are being considered regularly. That is why we are seeing web content management vendors like Ektron introducing hosted models. Some are going the SaaS route (like Bridgeline Digital, Limelight, others are simply offered hosted versions, like Ektron (think EPiServer, eZ Systems). For WCM vendors who have figured out how to get their platforms in a cloud environment, this managed hosting is a next logical step. Of course it takes a bit of work to manage these hosted environments, especially when the organizations coming on board are large enterprises who need to be up 99.9% of the time.