Back in February, Ektron added a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) position and an industry veteran by the name of Tim McKinnon to fill it. Now Ektron has the given former Endeca (acquired by Oracle) CTO a little boost up the corporate ladder.

New Leadership, (Slightly) Older Blood

Today Ektron announced it is appointing Tim McKinnon to the role of president. Since McKinnon joined the company, he has helped grow Ektron’s research and development team by 30 percent -- a critical component for the company’s expansion from the web content management market into customer experience management (CXM). McKinnon has said previously that Ektron’s intent to move into CXM was one of the key factors that attracted him to the company.

Although McKinnon has not released concrete details about his plans, he said via is blog,

As President, my focus at Ektron will be on executing as an industry leading software company, which means having excellent products, sales, marketing, services, partners and operations.”

McKinnon's previous experiences in strategic development at Microsoft for search and web content management initiatives and his performance dramatically growing FAST search are sure to be valuable in his new business leadership role. 

McKinnon will be responsible for the company’s global operations and product development as president. The company did not release a statement indicating who, if anyone, would be moving into the still very new CTO role.