Kentico Launches Windows Azure Hosted CXM Platform

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Web content management provider Kentico has launched EMS+,a new Azure-hosted version of their customer experience management platform.Although customers could already deploy Kentico’s Enterprise Marketing Suite(EMS) to the cloud, this is the first time Kentico has offered any of its toolsas a true software-as-a-service.

Kentico EMS Takes to the Clouds

We reported on Kentico’s announcement of a new customer experience management (CXM) solution, Kentico EMS, last September. EMS significantly enhanced Kentico’s traditional focus as a web content management provider. The new digital marketing features allowed users to manage content and perform campaign management from a single platform.

Then in November, I questioned why no true platform-as-a-service or software-as-a-service (SaaS) options existed for Microsoft’s Azure platform. Vendors, including Kentico, commented on their product’s “cloud readiness,” but I remained steadfast in my assessment that no such beast existed.

Kentico appears to be the very first Azure hosted SaaS CXM offering with EMS+. Well played, Kentico. Well played.

Learning Opportunities

Like all SaaS offerings, Kentico EMS+ eliminates the effort of software installs, upgrades, (most) monitoring and similar activities in favor of a monthly fee. The model also allows companies to shift costs from capital to expense budgets, which for many organizations provides more financial flexibility. The hosted solution is a good option for organizations that have limited in house technical expertise or wish to focus their efforts on marketing management and content delivery.

The new service includes a complete install of Kentico EMS and all 40 modules and 340 configurable web parts that are available for the platform. In addition, Kentico offers something unique, the source code for its platform. This is obviously less useful for customers planning to use the platform purely in a SaaS capacity, but it is still interesting.

Additional Details

Kentico is conducting a webinar on June 19 at 9AM PDT to discuss the new SaaS offering. The webinar is free, but registration is required. Pricing for Kentico EMS+ begins at US$ 999 per month, and the company is waiving the setup fee for an unspecified period. Kentico EMS+ is available now.