LinkedIn Asks: How Good is Your Content?

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LinkedIn is stepping up its focus on content. After releasing a site-wide Publishing Platform last month, the professional social networking site will be launching a Content Marketing Score and a way to measure trending content. 

Self-Selected Competitors

The score measures member engagement with a brand's Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates and, if relevant, Influencer posts. The score is measured by social actions, which are then divided by the total target audience. A single score is provided, along with recommendations for how to improve the score to get more reach for the brand, more frequency for postings and greater levels of engagement through paid or organic activity.

A brand selects a group of companies as peers or competitors for score comparison. Scores can be filtered by region, seniority, company size, job function or industry.


LinkedIn's industry ranking by Content Marketing Scores

Trending Content shows the top topics among members. The most popular topics at launch are leadership, entrepreneurship, cloud computing, mobile devices and financial services. Both Scores and Trending Content topics are only available to customers with a LinkedIn account representative.

Learning Opportunities

CMSWire talked to a LinkedIn spokesperson about an educational institution that wanted to know whether experienced professionals and new hires were interested in the same career development topics. With the Trending Content feature, the institution was able to filter content by seniority, job function, industry and region to determine the topic of the content being consumed by new and existing employees.  

Publishing Platform

In February, LinkedIn launched its Publishing Platform, enabling any user to post long-form content, distribute it among associates and, potentially, have it selected for site-wide distribution. In effect, it gave regular members many of the same blogging tools that Influencers like Bill Gates and Richard Branson previously enjoyed. 

The company told us that while it's too early to factor in content from the Publishing Platform, "it will likely be included as [the Content Marketing Score] gains traction over time."

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