After Facebook waded into the comments space, is there still room for others to grow?  Looks like it, as Livefyre bags US$ 4.5 million in new funding and launches version 2.0 of its engagement-encouraging comments system.

A Call for Comment

Livefyre's social commenting service has been in existence for two years, and has picked up 14,000 sites that make use of its web engagement features. But in a fast-moving market, it's high time for a new approach. Enter version 2.0, which widens the conversation to include comments from leading social sites.

The new SocialSync feature enables publishers to pull in comments from Facebook and Twitter, and ensures that they are relevant, helping to boost engagement levels and improving a page's search engine ranking -- a feature that Livefyre claims as an exclusive.

To go with the new edition, the company has picked up US$ 4.5 million in further investment from venture capitalists. The new funding will allow Livefyre to scale up its engineering and sales efforts, as well as accelerate development.


An example of Livefyre's new comments system

Seeing Success

Livefyre's major clients are TheNextWeb and the U.K.'s biggest selling newspaper. These and other sites have seen an average boost of some 25% increase in page views, a 52% increase in comments per page and a 20% increase in time-on-site.

SocialSync will help in bringing the spread of a web conversation back to the content that started it, something that is essential for publishers large and small that wish to retain some control of their articles and features. These can often flee the nest, seeing third-parties benefit from content they are merely repackaging.

Another feature includes the ability to tag, for users to tag their relevant friends in a comment, to help spread a conversation. With the added investment, the Livefyre team is already planning new features for further updates to keep its comments system ahead of the competition such as Facebook and Disqus.