Now that the December 2012 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online update has rolled out, more features are being added like iPad and Yammer integrations.

Microsoft had said iPad support would come with the release, and now it is here. Similar integrations will be coming later this year for Windows 8 mobile devices.

What iPad Can't do in Dynamics CRM

Having the ability to access customer information from the iPad should be popular with sales teams, no doubt. But there's plenty of changes in how that access will happen from the iPad. For example, customized forms only show up in a basic layout, and any client scripts that have been added won't be visible.

There's no sharing of records, no form editor, no bulk records editing and the commands that were at the top of the screen are now at the bottom. We probably shouldn't be surprised Dynamics CRM isn't more integrated on the iPad, but that's the price for accessing it through the browser.

Yammer Details, Installing Product Updates

Anyone wishing to add Yammer to their Dynamcis CRM Online workflow needs to know the Activity Feeds will have to go bye-bye. It turns out one can be used, but not the other. While Yammer's features are not depricated like some of the form features on the iPad Dynamics layout, it does need to be added as an option.

For that, Product Updates needs to be installed. However, once product updates are installed, they can't be uninstalled, so Microsoft recommends a trial setup for testing it before installing. Likewise, there is no option to select which features to install; all new features get installed at once.

Learning Opportunities


Install a trial use for testing Product Updates like Yammer.

For those who like the Activity Feeds in the Dynamics CRM Online setup, be sure to test Yammer first or risk losing the Activity Feed for good. In the end, we recommend going with Yammer because eventually, it will replace the Activity Feed anyway.

Once Yammer is installed, Activity Feed data can be accessed through Advanced Find. Set Look For to Posts and layout the search that is needed. We're guessing the switchover will come around the time the Windows 8 mobile support launches that is supposed to be in the middle of this year.

Now that the desktop version of Yammer has added translation capabilities, perhaps that will also be added to the CRM Online product at that time.