Summertime, and the news is flowing. This week: ImpressPages CMS updates, Kalamuna releases Kalabox, Google Hangouts offers a start button and 3CLogic goes 720 degrees with Zendesk.

Plus: Extole rebuilds its referral platform, Picturepark provides six-month full trials, Nuxeo gives birth to, Shopzilla combines units into Connexity, and Voxbone releases WebRTC.

ImpressPages CMS, Now with Plugin Market

ImpressPages CMS, an open-source PHP framework with a built-in content editor, is out with updated version 4.1. The newest version adds a Plugin Market to April's major release of version 4.0. The Market enables plugins to be installed within the CMS.

ImpressPages plugin market button.jpeg

The ImpressPages plugin configuration screen

Kalamuna's Kalabox

Speaking of open source, Drupal development firm Kalamuna released a new version of its workflow solution for that CMS. Called Kalabox, the company said 2.0 is faster and easier to use, offers an API for third-party plugins, and integrates container engine Docker for faster performance.

Lead developer Mike Pirog said in a statement that, "before Kalabox, developers lost time performing repeatable tasks like setting up local development servers, constructing vhosts and configuring advanced functionality."

The Kalabox control panel

Google Hangouts Button

Google Hangouts now has a handy start button that can be embedded into any app or website for quickly launching a video meeting. One click, and the button generates a Hangout and automatically sends out invites to your team.

3CLogic, Now with Zendesk

A few weeks ago, we noted that cloud-based contact center provider 3CLogic  announced an integration with Lime Light CRM, a provider of continuity-based processing and campaign management.

Now, 3CLogic has integrated its offering with cloud-based customer service software provider Zendesk. 3CLogic said the new integration, among other capabilities, enables a customer profile of previous contact center/customer service interactions to pop up during inbound or outbound interactions.

The new integration with Zendesk, 3CLogic said, will allow it to provide a 360-degree view of customer integrations – which is what it said about the integration with Lime Light.

Apparently, then, this new integration can generate a 720 degree view.

A Rebuilt Extole

Extole, which provides a referral marketing platform, has rebuilt its offering. It has also added several dozen new customers, including NVIDIA, DocuSign and Intuit, that are looking to add new customers by rewarding referrals from current customers.

The platform allows marketers to create and manage referral campaigns.


A campaign management screen in Extole.

Picturepark Raises Trial Period

Picturepark has one word for competitors that are offering two or four week trial accounts: "pshaw!"

The Switzerland-based company is now offering a free six-month subscription to a full digital asset management (DAM) system, along with free start-up training and tech support, for teams of up to ten users. The company said that organizations which decide not to continue with PicturePark can export their metadata to other applications.

Picturepark sales director Philip Axmann noted in a statement that "people who sign up for Picturepark for demos are often learning DAM at the same time they're trying DAM," although "two- and four-week trial periods don't offer enough time to really do both."

Nuxeo Intros

Business content management provider Nuxeo has released a beta version of, a hosting service for managing cloud-based Nuxeo Platform clusters. The new service is designed to enable quick and easy provisioning of new Nuxeo instances.

The company CEO, Eric Barroca, pointed out to news media that, "in a typical Nuxeo project lifecycle, dozens of instances of the Nuxeo Platform can be started and stopped, including development, text, plugins, sandboxes, QA and so on." utilizes the hot new virtualization engine Docker and runs on Amazon AWS, although can also be run as a private cloud or in any public cloud.

Shopzilla's Connexity

Connexity. That's the new brand name for three, newly-combined business units from Shopzilla, the shopping search engine.

The brand brings together Aisle A, which uses shopping data to help advertisers and retailers target advertising; Bizrate Insights, Shopzilla's ratings/reviews division; and the programmatic media buying platform, called Connexity, that Shopzilla bought in February.

CEO Bill Glass said in a statement that the newest Connexity is a "unified platform that can analyze potential audiences, qualify them, segment them into best-performing targets, bid to acquire media, optimize against conversions and generate a complete report, all at a single dashboard."

Voxbone Connects WebRTC

Voxbone has announced its Web Real-Time Communications Service, or WebRTC, which allows companies to connect to its private voice-over-IP network for phone calls. The calls are routed over the company's private global backbone instead of the public Net, and does not require new network infrastructure.

Voxbone pointed out that it doesn't offer conferencing services directly, but allows conferencing providers to connect to phone networks over a private data network, via WebRTC clients.

Images from Kalamuna,, Extole and ImpressPages.