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Intelligent customer experiences are the flavor du jour of digital marketing and per the current mandate, they must seamlessly cross channels and devices as well. Translation: Your Web CMS must go beyond simply managing content. It must also be a marketing intelligence tool, capable of testing and refining digital customer experiences.

Rivet Logic, a consulting firm focused on open source software, offers a set of functionality based on the Alfresco CMS, aimed at making Alfresco a first rate customer experience management (CXM) platform.

Join in on Tuesday, September 13th at 11am ET / 8am PT (register here) for an interactive webinar as Rivet Logic shows how their Web Experience Management Logic Stack extends Alfresco to offer an open source solution for managing and optimizing web experiences.

If open source is your preference and you're looking to develop your organization's web experience management toolkit, then register now to learn more.


Alfresco + Rivet Logic = Open Source Web Experience Management (WEM)