Optify Adds Features to Inbound Marketing Suite, Closes Marketing Loop

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Optify Adds Features to Inbound Marketing Suite, Closes Marketing Loop
Looking to take your inbound marketing to the next level?Today, Optify, known for its integrated demand generation solution for marketers, has announced the first in a series of enhancements that aims to extend its inbound marketing suite beyond SEO and social media.

Closing the Marketing Loop

By adding closed-loop email marketing to its suite, Optify has begun to integrate the top of the inbound marketing funnel with “middle-of-the-funnel” lead-nurturing features. As part of an integrated solution, Optify customers can now view, track and analyze their online marketing and email campaign results in one place.

What does closed-loop mean? Let’s say you have new visitors coming to your website. Many of them are anonymous. Then you attend a trade show or an e-newsletter gets forwarded and a new user signs up. Optify can now append visitor history to update users who were previously anonymous to their contact record. Now you can see what “new” users have been doing on your site to gain a more complete picture.

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Optify provides a contact detail for each user with their activity, history and performance. 

Learning Opportunities

Track, Segment, Identify Leads

Optify also delivers an integrated experience that is intended to help professional B2B marketers generate more leads and nurture more deals from email campaigns. By giving sales a way to follow up with anyone who shows interest in an email campaign -- regardless of how they respond --Optify’s closed-loop system expands the sales pipeline from every email drop and measures more than just clickthroughs and leads. 


Users can also use Optify’s email marketing solution to segment campaigns to target specific subsets of a master list and create personalized emails through a simplified process of customized templates, or cut-and-paste existing HTML into Optify.  

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Email marketing is constantly evolving and it’s only prudent to have a marketing suite to keep up with it all. Optify offers an effective email campaign, coupled with extensive analytics to nurture leads, that is vital to generating demand throughout the sales cycle.