HTML5 is cool. However, no matter how cool it is, it’s notmagic. Technology teams must be concerned with the same development issues aswith other languages: Managing applications, correcting defects and implementingenhancements. PreEmptive, providers of tools to harden, monitor and protectcode from reverse-engineering applications, is providing teams with toolsto make that easier.

Extending Application Intelligence

Sometimes software development is more of an art than an engineering endeavor. While creativity in development can be valuable,assumingwhich features stakeholders are using or the specific set ofsteps that arecausing that hard-to-track-down error, is not the timefor creating a reality. PreEmptive provides tools that allowapplication teams to know what is actuallyoccurring with theirsoftware once it’s in the wild, instead of guessing or relyingonunsubstantiated opinions.

In conjunction with Microsoft’s BUILD conference, PreEmptive announced that it has extended its application analytics solution,RuntimeIntelligence, to support HTML5, JavaScript and native languageslike C and C++.The enhancements add to the product’s existinganalytics capabilities for .Netand Java. Using Runtime Intelligence,organizations can monitor softwareadoption, how users leverage thesoftware and application quality across allthe platforms -- includingmobile -- where the application is employed. Thelatest enhancements tothe platform will enable Runtime Intelligence users tocollect andreview a consistent set of analytics information for theirapplicationportfolio no matter what language is used for development.

Runtime Intelligence captures a number of application metrics,  such as:

Learning Opportunities

  • Software adoption patterns
  • User behaviors and preferences
  • Exception reporting and software quality metrics
  • Operational impact

These can improve the ability of teams to identifyissues and opportunities in the applications they release.

According to PreEmptive representatives,

Whether writing applications fromscratch or refactoring existingapplications to take advantage of cloud andmobile opportunities,Runtime Intelligence provides critical insight intoreducing risk andincreasing development return."

Getting Runtime Intelligence

If you are interested in learning more about the solution, PreEmptive is one of only eight vendors that will exhibit/demonstrate products  atBUILD. The product is available in four versions from PreEmptive.