There are a number of players in the web experience management (WEM) market, but there's always room for one more. RivetLogic's newest WEM offering, Crafter Rivet, is build on top of the well known Afresco open source content management system, bringing together all the functionality you need to create dynamic web experiences.

If It's Web-Based, Crafter Rivet Can Build It

If you are building a public website, an intranet, a rich application,a mobile app, a community app, whatever, Crafter Rivet 2.0 can be the tool to help you do it. It has two elements: the Admin Tool (Crafter Studio) and the delivery/publishing engine (Crafter Engine).

The Crafter Studio is designed to support marketers and content editors, so it has all the typical capabilities such as WYSIWYG authoring and workflow, in-context preview, mobile authoring, marketing analytics, multi-site management, multi-channel publishing and more. It also integrates with CRM and e-commerce systems to provide full web experience functionality.


Crafter Rivet Multi-Channel Publishing

Built With Afresco Underneath

Built on the Alfresco content management platform (and now supporting Alfresco v4.0 Community), Crafter Rivet has full access to extensive content management services and an extensible framework (you log into Alfresco Share to access this solution). This also means it is a Java-based solution, but it also supports REST-based APIs and a number of presentation-tier technologies.


Crafter Rivet 2.0 - Workflow Feature

Along with the update to support the latest version of Alfresco, this version of Crafter Rivet Web Experience Management also adds a separate Form server, site blueprinting, has Bitnami based installers for OSX, Linux and Windows and a few other improvements, in addition to a number of bug fixes.

Crafter Rivet is available as both a free community edition and a subscription based enterprise license. So if you are using Alfresco and you need to build some web experience solutions, or if you don't have anything yet and like the idea of open source (community or licensed), Crafter Rivet is worth a closer look.