Marketing and Web design just got a bit simpler for Sitecore users as the company released a new Adobe InDesign plug-in that pulls content into the design program right from the Sitecore Web CMS itself.  

It's called the Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio (APS), and it should help make InDesign layouts and designs easier, even for those with no InDesign knowledge. Although InDesign is a powerful program with plenty of advanced features, Adaptive Print Studio is an easy way for anyone in the Sitecore CMS to easily layout marketing brochures, annual reports or catalogs without having to learn a new program.

A Unified, Contextual Customer Experience

This is the kind of app that gives workflows the speed and fluidity to get things done faster and cheaper. It's not that companies won't have to hire designers and IT people, but when those people are busy, projects can still move forward with content being the main focus. All the information being sent out to various Web pages can be used for print materials with minimal repackaging or redundant tasks.  

With APS, editors can focus on content while designers concentrate on the layout. APS offers connectors into Adobe Indesign, Adobe InCopy and the Sitecore CMS, allowing marketers to quickly bring managed content and templates together to create print materials.

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Make collaborative design work much more powerful with APS.

But that's not the most interesting thing about the Adaptive Print Studio. What is even more eye catching it that by using it you can now offer your website visitors and customers real-time customized print materials. For example, if someone was on your website looking at a particular set of products, and then requested your print catalog, you can provide the catalog for download with those products featured.

You can dynamically serve these print assets based on the context of the user at the time they are requested, and or using things like purchase history, upcoming events or newly available products in a customer's location, or some other kind of traffic or product information. In addition, for mobile users, you can drop in QR codes and use dynamic linking.

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Learning Opportunities

InDesign comes in a new Sitecore flavor for those who want to use the powerful program without learning its extensive features. Sitecore CMS users can easily add their existing content right into InDesign layouts without reformatting or repeating workflows.

By integrating InDesign with the Sitcore CMS, customers can get a more seamless and contextual customer experience over Web and print channels.That's an important consideration for any business.

Design and Context Matter

Style counts. Even in marketing brochures and HR materials that may not have the budgets they need, Adaptive Print Studio gives non-design folks access to InDesign's masterful layout features. The update includes other options like team collaboration, security control and even multilingual management. This move should help break down some of the bottlenecks that can occur when workflows have to change or adapt because of personnel or budget issues.

But style is nothing without context. Offering the same print brochures to every customer and potential customer is becoming old school. Today it's all about offer content based on the user's context and that shouldn't be related to just the web and mobile channels. With Site's Adaptive Print Studio it's also related to the Print Channel.

Sitecore users could get used to this kind of update cycle because the company also recently announced a deeper integration of the Telligent Community social platform. The company obviously sees the importance of staying agile in the enterprise space, and giving customers what they want and need.