Web CMS vendor Sitecore has announced a partnership with Kapow Software that will make it easier for customers tomigrate legacy content into Sitecore. The new integration eliminates the oftentime-consuming and frustrating process of moving content out of the wild intothe CMS.

The Content Migration Challenge

Organizations are increasingly adopting CMS solutions tomanagetheir rapidly expanding content collections. Despite the improved efficency and other benefits that CMS adoption provides, implementationis notwithout challenges, and content migration is definitely one ofthosechallenges.

CMS implementations rarely occur in a “greenfield”environmentvoid of existing content; organizations must migrate thiscontent into the CMSif they want to maximize the tool’s value. Migrating content into a new CMS often proves to be a time-consuming,error-prone and frustrating process. Many organizations resort to moving the content manually, which is resource-intense and expensive.Worse,manual migration often requires content lockdowns that furtheraffect productivity. Although migration challenges are prevalent, thereare few easysolutions. Sitecore and Kapow have had enough.

Learning Opportunities

Kapow, Sitecore Integration

Kapow Software, which provides an application integrationplatform,has partnered with Sitecore to deliver a solution that can automate content migration. The Sitecore and Kapow Software integration providesaccessto content templates to enable fast and accurate migration. TheKapow KatalystPlatform extracts content and metadata from existingwebsites, unstructuredfiles, databases and other sources, and thenapplies business rules totransform and map source content to Sitecore.The content is then loaded intothe Sitecore's CMS.  The new tool provides more than convenience; according to leadership at Sitecore, thenewintegration can yield content migration cost savings of over 70%.

The new integration is available now from Sitecore. Sitecorehas created a video that depicts the content migration process using Kapow.