Syncplicity Defines File Sharing Success Video

How do software vendors measure success? It depends whom you ask. Sales managers will brag about record-breaking quarters. CFOs will extol big bottom lines. Product development managers will rave about functions and features.

Jeetu Patel, general manager of EMC Syncplicity, has an entirely different answer. “Engagement,” he said. “Deep user engagement is our first and our most important metric,” he says. He’s deliberate as he speaks. “Syncplicity is not interested in selling shelfware.”

Spreading the Love

At a time when 100 plus enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) vendors are all racing to bang out new features, code connectors to third-party apps, customize their offerings for various vertical markets and partner-up with everyone who will partner back, Syncplicity is focused on something else — making sure that everyone who touches its product falls in love, spreads the love and remains in love.

Sure, Syncplicity runs some snazzy marketing promos like “Love at First Swipe,” but its game is much bigger than that because a download or even huge enterprise sale doesn’t mean much unless workers actually use the EFSS service.

And this is important not only to EMC Syncplicity but also to the IT Manager who pays its bill. After all, IT's job is to is to manage content as it is being stored and shared and if workers default to their favorite consumer-grade solution instead of the one that’s been provisioned by IT, the enterprise has lost control of its assets.

This is exactly what happens all too often. Groups of workers move corporate assets to the cloud via their favorite consumer-grade service, without the company’s knowledge or permission — hence the term “shadow IT.” And the way that many IT Managers have tried to reel-in rogue workers in the past is by blocking access to sites like Dropbox, MediaFire, 4Shared and such.

It’s a losing proposition, said Patel. Workers who want to circumvent IT will always find a way.

What companies need to do instead, it seems, is to provide employees with an EFSS solution that is simply irresistible and that they’ll want to use more and more each day — not only because of the elegant experience it provides but also because it makes them exponentially more productive.

When this happens IT becomes the hero rather than the enforcer.

Champions and Coaches

While much has already been written about Syncplicity’s market-making UI and its Enterprise-grade functions and features, little has been said about the way Patel and his team on-board new clients. They literally become the champions of and marketing coaches for their customers as they roll-out its EFSS solutions.

Though it hasn’t been a formal offering until now, today Syncplicity officially unveils its “Syncplicity Customer Success Program."

And while you may be thinking that this is a ploy through which EMC can get away with tagging implementation onto Syncplicity’s price tag, it’s not.

“There are no contracts to negotiate or fees to pay, our customers are automatically enrolled,” said Patel. “The value of user engagement is priceless.”

The statement should ring as true to IT managers as it does to Syncplicity because an EFSS service isn’t worth much unless people use it, a lot.

Educate and Nurture

Gaurav Verma, who heads EMC Syncplicity’s Customer Success and Support team has thought long and hard about how to attract, on-board and nurture new users so that they’d set themselves (and Syncplicity) up for success.

The result is a gamut of educational and habit-forming initiatives intended to engage and teach enterprise workers to store and share information (via Syncplicity) as they move the day.

And we’re not talking about providing YouTube videos or glossy brochures.

Syncplicity Keeps Files Safe and Users Engaged

For IT, Verma says that his team has built an IT readiness package that provides training on system infrastructure changes, helps set up security and administrative controls and ensures that compliance requirements are met. EMC Syncplicity’s team also works hand-in-hand with IT and administrators to set objectives and configure best-fit deployment methods that will drive adoption.

And when it comes to selling end users on engagement, Syncplicity works with corporate marketing departments to deliver the goods. Together they create kick-off events, posters, and drip e-mail campaigns filled with tips and tricks, whatever works best for the company’s culture.

Want to see how it worked for Syncplicity client Acorda Therepeutics? Be our guest.

Title image by timoni west  (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.