The iPhone 6: Is it Size That Matters Most?

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For those who can’t wait to see what the iPhone 6 that will (supposedly) be unveiled on Sept. 9 looks like, we’ve got photos. Ok, not really, but Hollywood gossip site TMZ says it does. It apparently got them from a friend of an ex-employee of the Foxconn factory in China where many models of iPhones are made.

Now before you click over to that well respected source of tech news, chill. You can’t really tell how big the phone is, what kind of glass it uses, and, strangely, its body looks like the iPod 5.

Re.code, whom we consider to be more credible source for news like this, suggests that there may be two iPhones, one that is 4.7 inches and another that is 5.5 inches. Both of which are expected to run speedy new A8 processors.

We’ve also heard another rumor that at least one of the phones (if there are actually two) could be called the iPhone Air instead of the iPhone 6.

It’s Not About Size, Anyway

But let’s put all of that aside for a moment because is it size that you care most about? Not according to a survey conducted by uSell.com, a leader in the used iPhone marketplace. They queried 1,000 US smartphone users and determined that these are the five most wanted iPhone 6 features:

  1. New 'Sapphire Screen' that is hard to scratch and crack (45.5 percent)
  2. Infrared camera to see in the dark (19.2 percent)
  3. New tools to monitor your health and fitness (10.7 percent)
  4. Ability to show 3D images (9.5 percent)
  5. New tools to control your home appliances (7.7 percent)

uSell.com also asked respondents about which incremental iPhone improvement they would want in an iPhone 6:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Improved battery life (37 percent)
  2. Bigger screen (19.2 percent)
  3. Better camera (11 percent)
  4. Better phone reception (11 percent)
  5. More memory (10 percent)

It's All About the Battery

So while much of the talk has been about screen size, twice as many people consider improved battery life to be more important.

And not only that, but, according to the survey, half of all iPhone and Android users combined would chuck their old phones for the new iPhone 6 if it includes the Sapphire Screen.

For anyone who wants to take a walk down iPhone memory lane, here’s an infographic provided by uSell.com.

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